Our Team

Everyone at Cart Wheels International Inc is committed to helping you succeed in your business venture.

We understand the diversity of the different retail environments and can assist you in choosing the right location for your products or services.

We are here to answer any of your questions to help you get started.

Ontario Region


Jill Chalmers

General Manager

Jill joined Cart Wheels International Inc. in 1996 as Doug Rennie’s Assistant. With a strong Shopping Centre background and combined experience in temporary and permanent retail, administration, leasing and legal, customer service, and marketing, Jill’s role in the company grew as the company expanded. Today, Jill is the General Manager of Cart Wheels International Inc. and is responsible for the overall operation and supervision of Cart Wheels International Inc.


Susan Dennis

Manager, Ontario Region

Susan joined Cart Wheels International Inc. in 1992 and handles all aspects of the leasing and day to day operations with respect to her current portfolio. Susan has a wealth of experience in specialty retail, including temporary common area leasing and temporary Pop-Up Shop leasing, customer service, and administration.


Erin Rennie

Specialty Leasing Manager

Erin joined Cart Wheels International Inc. in 1995. Erin possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History from McMaster University and a Human Resources Management Diploma. Erin currently handles all aspects of leasing and day to day operations with respect to her shopping centre portfolio. In addition, Erin has responsibility for the overall merchandising and merchandise presentation for the Ontario Portfolio.

British Columbia Region


Mya Athwal

Specialty Leasing Representative

Mya joined Cart Wheels (BC) International in April of 2009. Mya has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance.  She enjoys working closely with business owners in providing them with an excellent opportunity for their business to gain immediate exposure and maximize sales in our retail locations. Over her years she has developed her skills in marketing and merchandising. 


Rama Diallo

Specialty Leasing Co-ordinator

Rama joined the Cart Wheels’ team in 2016 as the Specialty Leasing Co-ordinator; bringing with her previous experience in Shopping Centre and Property Management. Rama is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and will be using her exemplary communication skills to assist clients as they seek to grow their business in a professional and efficient manner, tailored to success. 


Shannon Rennie

Specialty Leasing Co-ordinator

A graduate of Humber College’s Business Management Program, Shannon has always enjoyed the diversity business has to offer. After running her own successful watch cart in Vancouver, Shannon joined our team as an administrative assistant. She later became a Specialty Leasing Manager out of our Vancouver office.
A move to Victoria, B.C. and a growing family meant a shift of position and allowed for Shannon to take over as the Accountant for CWBC and work from her home office.
More recently with our expanding cart program into Hillside Shopping Centre, Shannon is again stepping into the leasing role and filling both positions. She enjoys making personal connections working with the vendors and the shopping centre staff.

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