Specialty Retail Leasing Services – Retailers/Vendors

General Information

Cart Wheels International Inc. has been serving the Specialty Retail Tenant markets in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas since 1991. We offer RMU’s (Retail Mobile Units), common area space locations, temporary Pop Up Shop locations and temporary seasonal leasing opportunities in a variety of retail environments including shopping centres, mixed use centres, and airports.


To provide you with assistance with your small business development, our leasing representatives and consultants have extensive experience in all areas of Specialty Retail Leasing including product development, merchandising and marketing.


We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and hope the following information will answer your questions regarding our properties, rental structures and application procedure. If you have any further questions, we are just a phone call away.


  • We are always looking for new and unique items for our programs.
    • The more unique the product, the shorter the wait time for space.


  • Include pictures with your application
    • Pictures of products, website links, and photos of previous set up locations will help to speed up the application process.


  • Tell us as much information about yourself as possible.
    • For example, length of time in business, previous business ventures, education related to the retail industry, or the product you wish to sell.


  • Merchandising and Product Presentation are extremely important.
    • Have a plan for how you plan on merchandising your RMU or Common Area Location.

Application Procedure


As a prospective RMU or Common Area Retailer, you are asked to complete the Application Form included on our site. This form is submitted to the location(s) of your preference for approval of your intended use; therefore, it is important to give as much detail as possible when completing the form.

BC Application
ON Application

Once we have met with you in person and your product has been approved, a License Agreement is prepared. This document outlines the duration of your License Term, License Fees, and the Rules and Regulations of our Specialty Retail Program. In addition to your License fee, there are additional charges for Liability Insurance and Signage.


The final step is to meet with our team to discuss your merchandising and product placement. This meeting will entail discussions regarding colour choices, signage, pricing, props, showcases, racks, waterfall fixtures etc. If need be, we will arrange for you to meet with a Professional Merchandiser to assist you in this final, but most important step.

Additional Information

RMUs are typically leased for a minimum of two (2) weeks, up to a term of several months. The week runs Monday through Sunday.

Common Area Rentals are typically leased for a minimum of one (1) week at a time.

Our seasonal Common Area Rentals Have anywhere from six (6) to eight (8) week minimum commitments depending on the shopping centre. Talk to our Leasing Representatives for more information regarding these programs.

Short term temporary Pop Up Shop locations may be licensed for anywhere from two (2) months to one (1) year.


Do I have to have a signed agreement?

Yes. Each Retailer is required to sign a Short Term License Agreement with Cart Wheels International Inc.

How long of a License Agreement can I have?

The duration of the Agreement depends on a number of factors. It can be as short as one week to as long as 1 year at a time. Depending on availability, and the location requested, the duration will vary.

Do I require any Government licenses to License an RMU, common area or temporary Pop Up Shop space?

Yes. Several licenses are required depending on where in the country you are doing business. In Canada you are required to have a Registered Business. In addition, you must register and have valid HST/GST and/or PST Registration Numbers. Prior to signing a License Agreement with Cart Wheels, you must provide proof of obtaining the required documents as noted above.

Do I require Insurance?

Yes. To be in any space, the Retailer is required to have current public liability insurance in place. The amount of insurance will vary from $2,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 depending on the location. Cart Wheels International Inc. can provide a list of Insurance Brokers who provide specialty retail coverage at affordable prices.

Can I sell whatever I want?

The answer to this is no. In a Specialty Retail Program, the Landlords are looking for product that is different and unique and that does not compete with the permanent retailers in the mall. Therefore, Cart Wheels representatives will meet with you to see samples of your product and will arrange to get approval from the landlord for the product you wish to sell. This approval will become part of your License Agreement under the Use Clause. COUNTERFEIT/KNOCK OFF PRODUCTS ARE ILLEGAL AND STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Can I sell food from the RMU?

This is a yes and no answer. Individual municipal Health Codes dictate that a number of conditions must be in place in order to sell food to the public. Food cannot be prepared on an RMU. Refrigeration is not available at an RMU. Packaged foods that do not require refrigeration may be considered so long as they do not compete with any other retailers in the Shopping Centre. Prior to considering a food use on a RMU, we highly recommend that you research local Health Code provisions and obtain the necessary Ministry of Health Licenses.

What about my display? Can you help me?

Absolutely we can help you! Cart Wheels International Inc. has an in-house Merchandiser in Ontario that is able to assist you in your display and merchandising efforts. Depending on the scope of the project, prices for this service will vary on a project by project basis. In BC our capable staff is able to assist you as well. In addition, we are able to recommend a number of outside Merchandisers and Cabinet and Display companies that are familiar with the RMUs that can assist you.

What does the License fee include?

The license fee includes the actual RMU with 15 amp hydro service, your physical location in the mall, access to a phone line, light fixtures and bulbs, a tarping system, as well as maintenance of the RMU. For Common Area Leasing, the License fee includes a specified area and hydro. GST and PST or HST as dictated by the Federal and Provincial governments are in addition to your basic rent. In Line temporary License Fees vary depending on the location and amenities. Please contact us directly to discuss In-Line fees.

Do I have any additional costs?

Yes. The retailer is responsible for the cost of merchandising, props, display pieces, licenses, signage, and any POS equipment such as cash registers, debit/credit equipment, etc. In addition, although a phone line is usually available at each RMU, it is the Retailers’ responsibility to contact the phone provider and set up a personal phone service account.

N.B. In the BC properties as well as some Ontario properties, not all locations have phone line accessibility and you may need a wireless debit/credit system.

What about Sales Reports and percentage rent?

The retailer is required to provide Cart Wheels with a written sales report on a weekly basis. This sales report must provide sales net of tax. Based on your sales for any given week, percentage rent may become applicable. Percentage Rent is calculated as the greater of 12% gross sales or you weekly license fee.

How do I pay the License Fee?

The License Fee is due and payable on a weekly basis every Monday. When you sign your License Agreement and meet with us you will be required to provide post-dated cheques for the duration of your License Agreement. Cart Wheels International Inc. accepts: Business Cheques, Cash, Money Orders, or Bank Drafts. In addition, first and last month’s License fee may be required or a Security Deposit depending on the property.

What are the hours of Operation?

The hours of operation vary from shopping centre to shopping centre. Whatever the hours are deemed to be, the Retailer is bound to be open ALL MALL HOURS as set out by the individual shopping centres. There are no exceptions.

The hours are listed on the 2nd page of your License Agreement.

Let’s Get Started!

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