04 Oct Display & Merchandising 101

Hello All,

I’m new to the whole “blogging world” so please bear with me.

Display and Merchandising can be a very daunting task for anyone but when you are dealing with a small space such as a Retail Merchandising Unit it can prove to be even more difficult. More than likely you are trying to get as much product onto your unit as possible yet keeping it looking organized and appealing to the eye.

I’m going to outline some very basic tips which you may help you in your RMU set-ups or to re-organize your existing business. These are building blocks from which you can use to create an eye-catching display.


*** Remember: You have 5 minutes to attract the customer’s attention. ***



Proper signage is very important in creating a professional appearance. Never use a computer printed or hand written signs. You need to find a good graphics company for your signs. Signage can be used for several things:

  • Give quick information to your customers about your product.
  • Sales or promotions.
  • Tell the customers what you are selling.
  • Adding colour or creating a theme through different styles and colours of frames.
  • Full or partial wraps can revitalize your RMU and Brand your store.


Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is great way organize your display. This idea works well when you have multiple products of varying colours i.e. scarves and accessories, handbags etc. Colour blocking involves displaying like or similar colours together in groupings i.e. Reds with reds, blues with blues, Blacks with blacks and so on.   It is often best to go from light shades to dark if possible. Colour blocking provides and instant flow and organization.



Pyramiding & Creating Small Displays


Pyramiding product works very well if your product is sold in boxes i.e. Cosmetics, skin care, electronics etc. Pyramiding product is exactly how it sounds creating a pyramid shape using boxes or other product. When creating your pyramid ensure that all of the boxes have the verbage upright and that you are using the same size and style of boxes. The pyramids themselves can be of different sizes but it works best if you try to keep it to three different sizes at the most.


Creating Small Displays

Creating smaller displays within the larger over all display can create interest and organization. Think of each display as a small window or showcase if possible. Remember to keep the displays somewhat consistent.


Using Props and Display Forms

The use of props and professional display forms can lift up your display and make it look like a small store. Here are some ideas:

  • Neck forms, hands, ring displays etc. – for jewelry. Its best to use one colour and stick with it you can add more colour to your backdrop.
  • Busts and mannequins. Torso Busts and full children mannequins are a great way to showcase clothing. Make sure that you always buy new as the used body forms always look used.
  • Boxes- Different types of storage boxes can add instant levels to your display. It can also add colour and can even offer more storage space. **Tip: Ikea is a great place to get boxes of different colours and styles. Again stick to two colours maximum and keep the style similar.
  • Florals and plants (artificial of course) – This is an easy way to add colour and seasonality to your RMU. It is important when using florals that you use seasonal florals and constantly update them according to the season.


Always remember less is more!

Hopefully these small tips will help to increase your sales and create and eye-catching display. Displaying product can be challenging but it can also be fun! If in doubt call a merchandiser there are lots of great ones out there.


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