About Cart Wheels International Inc.

Cart Wheels International Inc. is a leader in Speciality Retail Leasing

We are known for our expertise in the field of short term retail leasing; working with every type of retailer, promotional companies, small start ups, to national tenants. Building long term relationships with our vendors has always been our number one goal.


Retail Merchandising Units, Kiosks, and Carts are designed for maximum impact and maximizing space. RMU’s are the ideal venue for selling trendy new products with no long term commitment.

Cart Wheels International Inc. has been serving the Specialty Retail Tenant markets in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas since 1991.



We offer RMU’s (Retail Mobile Units), common area space locations, short term temporary Pop Up Shop and temporary seasonal leasing opportunities in a variety of retail environments including shopping centres, mixed use centres, and airports.


Retail Mobile Units (RMU’s) provide flexible terms and a low risk option for those just getting started with a new business or those wanting to test the marketplace. License for as short as one week to as long as one year. Suitable for all types of services and products.


This option is available for those with a greater level of commitment and experience. Typically common area space is for vendors who require a larger footprint and are prepared to build a professional kiosk for their use. License terms are flexible and based on size, location, term, availability and season.


Pop Up Shops are available in many of our malls and everyone from independent business owners to Brand Managers are “getting on board”. This option is used for those that want to take advantage of a marketing opportunity or a short term tenancy to create a buzz! Implemented strategically, this is a great option for vendors to try out an in-line store in a mall with very little risk. Seasonal pop ups are extremely popular.


Brand Managers, Marketing Companies and Advertisers have used space in malls to promote brands, through event marketing, sponsorships, and test marketing. These activations complement existing advertising campaigns and fund raising efforts.


Cart Wheels offers flexible short term Licenses with a beginning and an end and an option to extend. No need for long term commitments. Simple and low risk.


Cart Wheels offers short term Licenses tailored to take advantage of the peak retail seasons, such as Christmas, Back to School, Easter, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day. This is a great option for an existing business to extend their reach during high sales periods or for those who deal in Seasonal products and services.

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