Cart Wheels International Inc. is a dynamic Specialty Leasing Company that helps small businesses take the leap from an Idea to a Reality.

We help entrepreneurs grow their retail businesses by offering low risk Temporary Retail Opportunities in shopping centres and other retail venues across Canada.

Our†programs include short term leasing of Retail Mobile Units, Common Area Space, Temporary Pop Up Shops as well as Seasonal Retail Opportunities.


Retail Mobile Units are a low risk temporary retail opportunity that provide flexibility of merchandising and lease terms to suit your needs. RMUís are strategically located throughout the mall to capture shoppers as they travel through the common areas of the shopping centre. Ideal for test marketing product, seasonal leasing, or the first step in operating your own business. Rentals are available by the week or month. RMUís have been a part of the Shopping Centre Dynamic for the past 30 years.

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Cart Wheels International Inc. has been serving the Specialty Retail Tenant markets in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas since 1991.


This option is available for those with a greater level of commitment and experience. Typically common area space is for vendors who require a larger footprint and are prepared to build a professional kiosk for their use. License terms are flexible and based on size, location, term, availability and season.


Brand Managers, Marketing Companies and Advertisers have used space in malls to promote brands, through event marketing, sponsorships, and test marketing. These activations complement existing advertising campaigns and fund raising efforts.


Cart Wheels offers flexible short term Licenses with a beginning and an end and an option to extend. No need for long term commitments. Simple and low risk.












Pop Up Shops are the newest trend in the temporary retail category. Pop Up Shops can be used for several different retail experiences and typically make use of existing vacant in-line space. This is a more costly and invested option. Employed smartly and strategically, Pop Up Shops have taken temporary vendors to the next level. Seasonal Pop Ups are great for existing businesses who want to extend their reach by adding temporary in-line locations during high peak retail seasons, i.e., Christmas, Back To School, Easter etc. Brands implement Pop Up Shops to market new products and create a buzz. This is another great way to test the waters in a shopping centre without the need for a long term lease. Terms are negotiated based on size, location and seasonality

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